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Naturally you can Sing Productions is dedicated to supporting parents and educators in bringing music and song to their young charges. We are fully committed to helping children unlock their individual sounds, to learn to blend their voices with others and feel the nurturing effects of song and music on their small frames, minds, hearts and souls. We believe that if children start singing whilst young, they will sing forever.


Offering a carefully selected assortment wonderful books and gifts for the young musician as well as beautifully made items for the home and garden. 

The Naturally you can Sing series of eight songbooks with CDs for children from birth to approximately 9 years old. NEW ARRIVAL...Pentatonic Delight!

A collection of four CDs, including Celtic melodies sung in accapella tradition. This music that is truly inspirational.

This series of maple personal boards are made by the Chittenden family from Of Maine Wood. Please Visit our Store for more information.
Pentatonic Delight is our newest publication. This wonderful collection of previously published works by Mary Thienes Schunemann with all songs represented in the pentatonic scale. Please Visit our Store for more information.
Amo Ergo Sum is one of four CDs of art songs, created by Mary Thienes-Schünemann. Please Visit our Store for more information.
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